terminal user interface in golang

pterm pterm: Pretty Terminal Printer ⭐ Main Features Feature Description 🪀 Easy to use Our first priority is to keep PTerm as easy to use as possible.With many examples for each individual component, getting …

BigCache & FreeCache

BigCache bigcache: Fast, concurrent, evicting in-memory cache written to keep big number of entries without impact on performance. BigCache keeps entries on heap but omits GC for them. To achieve …

entr: run go test on any file change

entr: Event Notify Test Runner. A utility for running arbitrary commands when files change. Uses kqueue(2) or inotify(7) to avoid polling.  entrwas written to make rapid feedback and automated testing natural and completely ordinary.

better go playground

Improved Go Playground powered by Monaco Editor and React – https://goplay.tools/ Features 🌚 Dark theme 💡 Code autocomplete 💾 Load and save files 📔 Snippets and tutorials ⚙ Customization (fonts, ligatures, etc) 🛠 WebAssembly support


Fast, configurable, extensible, flexible, and beautiful linter for Go. Drop-in replacement of golint. Revive provides a framework for development of custom rules, and lets you define a strict preset for …