clx: circumflex

circumflex is a command line tool for browsing Hacker News in your terminal. Main features You might also like:


Plow is an HTTP(S) benchmarking tool, written in Golang. It uses excellent fasthttp instead of Go’s default net/http due to its lightning fast performance. Plow runs at a specified connections(option -c) concurrently and real-time records …


bombardier is a HTTP(S) benchmarking tool. It is written in Go programming language and uses excellent fasthttpinstead of Go’s default http library, because of its lightning fast performance.


ddgr is a cmdline utility to search DuckDuckGo (html version) from the terminal. While googler is extremely popular among cmdline users, in many forums the need of a similar utility for privacy-aware DuckDuckGo …


googler is a power tool to Google (web, news, videos and site search) from the command-line. It shows the title, URL and abstract for each result, which can be directly opened …


templ – build HTML with Go Create components that render fragments of HTML and compose them to create screens, pages, documents, or apps.


LocalStack is a cloud service emulator that runs in a single container on your laptop or in your CI environment. With LocalStack, you can run your AWS applications or Lambdas entirely …


docker-nvim: A simple neovim plugin for executing commands in running docker containers and redirecting their ouptut into a buffer.


goimports-reviser: Tool for Golang to sort goimports by 3-4 groups(with own linter): std, general, company(which is optional) and project dependencies. Also, formatting for your code will be prepared(so, you don’t need …