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Logdy is a multi-purpose DevOps tool that enhances productivity in the terminal.Supercharge terminal logs with web browser UI and low-code  Save 90% of time searching and browsing logs. For who?  and other professions that …

Go DNS package

Go DNS is a package that implements a DNS interface in Go. This library takes a new, innovative and enterprise ready approach sends and receives queries to and from the DNS. It is …


goto-preview: A small Neovim plugin for previewing native LSP’s goto definition, type definition, implementation, declaration and references calls in floating windows.


A search panel for neovim. Spectre find the enemy and replace them with dark power. Why Use Spectre?


f-license is an open-source license creation and verification tool. You can quickly add license key verification to your application. Don’t implement yourself, just use the open-source product! Features See the latest Documentation.


lazysql :A cross-platform TUI database management tool written in Go. This project is heavily inspired by Lazygit, which i think is the best TUI client for Git. Features