convey: A command-line tool that makes it easy to pipe between machines. Convey is a command-line tool with a simple goal, to make it easy to pipe between machines. Pipes …

Test if port is opened in Golang

Sometime lYou need to know if is the concrete port is opened. Build


Public Golang lib I have published my Golang library:

Kafka Web UI

Kafdrop is a web UI for viewing Kafka topics and browsing consumer groups. The tool displays information such as brokers, topics, partitions, consumers, and lets you view messages. Features View Kafka …

Continuous Code Quality for Go

GolangCI detects and comments issues in GitHub pull requests: bugs, style violations, anti-pattern instances. Automated Code Fixes Linters go vet Vet examines Go source code and reports suspicious constructs, such …

GitLab CI/CD pipeline

If You work on really complex project which is build from a lot of dependent applications You could have big CI/CD pipeline like me.

TDD v Golangu, GoConvey

Lety nabité zkušenosti mi říkají, že testy jsou něco, co vám i vašemu developerskému týmu může významně pomoct. A to néjen, ale samozřejmě primárně i proto, protože chcete zvyšovat kvalitu, …