goto-preview: A small Neovim plugin for previewing native LSP’s goto definition, type definition, implementation, declaration and references calls in floating windows.


A search panel for neovim. Spectre find the enemy and replace them with dark power. Why Use Spectre?


neovimconf2023 Your favorite editor’s conference! The annual conference about your favorite editor! For the third time we invite you to join us for a day of talks and celebration of …


Neovim compiler for building and running your code without having to configure anything.


rest.nvim makes use of a curl wrapper made in pure Lua by tami5 and implemented in plenary.nvim so, in other words, rest.nvim is a curl wrapper so you don’t have to leave Neovim! Features

Vim REST Console (VRC)

VRC is a Vim plug-in to help send requests to and display responses from RESTful services in Vim. It’s useful for working with REST services that use JSON to exchange information …


docker-nvim: A simple neovim plugin for executing commands in running docker containers and redirecting their ouptut into a buffer.


nvim-devdocs is a plugin which brings DevDocs documentations into neovim. Install, search and preview documentations directly inside neovim in markdown format with telescope integration. You can also use custom commands like glow to render …

neovim: wtf

wtf: A Neovim plugin to help you work out what the fudge that diagnostic means and how to fix it! wtf.nvim provides faster and more efficient ways of working with the buffer line’s diagnostic messages …