golang, huh

huh: A simple, powerful library for building interactive forms and prompts in the terminal. huh? is easy to use in a standalone fashion, can be integrated into a Bubble Tea application, and …

Go DNS package

Go DNS is a package that implements a DNS interface in Go. This library takes a new, innovative and enterprise ready approach sends and receives queries to and from the DNS. It is …


f-license is an open-source license creation and verification tool. You can quickly add license key verification to your application. Don’t implement yourself, just use the open-source product! Features See the latest Documentation.


go-critic: Highly extensible Go source code linter providing checks currently missing from other linters. Features


otter: High performance in-memory cache. Features  This library has lots of features such as: 🚀 Performance


go-homedir This is a Go library for detecting the user’s home directory without the use of cgo, so the library can be used in cross-compilation environments. Usage is incredibly simple, …


Plow is an HTTP(S) benchmarking tool, written in Golang. It uses excellent fasthttp instead of Go’s default net/http due to its lightning fast performance. Plow runs at a specified connections(option -c) concurrently and real-time records …


bombardier is a HTTP(S) benchmarking tool. It is written in Go programming language and uses excellent fasthttpinstead of Go’s default http library, because of its lightning fast performance.