Logdy is a multi-purpose DevOps tool that enhances productivity in the terminal.
Supercharge terminal logs with web browser UI and low-code  Save 90% of time searching and browsing logs.

For who? 

  • software engineers,
  • game developers,
  • site reliability engineers,
  • sys admins,
  • data scientists

and other professions that spend time with terminal logs or terminal output.

How it works? 

Logdy improves productivity by recording the output of the processes, whether that’s standard output or a file, and routes it to a web UI.

The web UI is served by Logdy on a specific port and accessible on a local host. The UI is a reactive, low-latency web application that automatically generates filters and allows you to browse and search through the logs.


Dozzle – dozzle.dev

Dozzle is a small lightweight application with a web based interface to monitor Docker logs. It doesn’t store any log files. It is for live monitoring of your container logs only.


  • Intelligent fuzzy search for container names 🤖
  • Search logs using regex 🔦
  • Small memory footprint 🏎
  • Split screen for viewing multiple logs
  • Download logs easily
  • Live stats with memory and CPU usage
  • Multi-user authentication with support for proxy forward authorization 🚨

Dozzle has been tested with hundreds of containers. However, it doesn’t support offline searching. Products like LogglyPapertrail or Kibana are more suited for full search capabilities.