NvChad is a neovim config written in lua aiming to provide a base configuration with very beautiful UI and blazing fast startuptime (around 0.02 secs ~ 0.07 secs).

Fast by default

Blazing fast startup time as plugins are lazy loaded wherever possible; modules will load only when needed.

Beautiful UI

NvChad provides a pretty UI while still embracing the CLI; UI plugins are themed with visual elegance.

Highly customizable

Default plugins, UI, configuration can easily be disabled or overriden via the chadrc file.

Update mechanism

Update mechanism via git to stay up to date with the latest changes while preserving user configuration.

Powered by Lua

Configuration is written in Lua which integrates well with the Neovim lua api & lua plugins.

Prettiest themes

57 inbuilt beautifully ported & custom themes! All the theme colors are overridable via user config.


The config is around 1.3k LOC & 60% of it is just plugin configs & mappings. We try to keep the codebase as simple as possible.


docker run -w /root -it --rm alpine:latest sh -uelic '
  apk add git nodejs neovim ripgrep build-base --update
  git clone https://github.com/NvChad/NvChad ~/.config/nvim