shottr: Screenshot tool for designersfront-end engineersmobile developersthose who care about pixels. Shottr is a small, fast, human-sized screenshot app built for those who care about pixels. It was crafted with Swift, optimized for M1, and is distributed for free.

Pin Screenshots

Pin Screenshots

Pin images as floating always-on top borderless windows. Convenient for keeping references, or as a temporary screenshots storage.

Scrolling screenshots

Scrolling Screenshots on Mac

Take a screenshot of a long web page or capture conversation in a chat. Shottr is probably the only free Scrolling Screenshot app for Mac.

Pixelate or remove objects

Pixelate or remove objects

Hide parts of your screen behind pixelated curtain, or remove sensitive information as if it was never there. Text mode hides text without corrupting anything else.

Screenshot Annotation

Markup screenshots

Add text annotations to your screenshots, draw lines, arrows, and simple shapes.

Overlay Images

Overlay Images

Paste images on top of your screenshots. Make overlays semi-transparent to highlight the differences, or generate two-frame before/after animations.

Screen Ruler

Use it as a Screen Ruler

Press  or  key and move your mouse to measure vertical size,  or  for horizontal size. Click to imprint the measurement on the screenshot.

Unclutter your desktop

Unclutter your desktop

Select a dedicated folder to save screenshots on  S. Great for purchase receipts, reminders, archive items, random images, etc.

Screen Magnifier

Zoom in on your pixels

Think of Shottr as your digital magnifying glass. If you need to have a closer look at something, take a screenshot and zoom in.

Screenshot Text Recognition (OCR)

Text recognition (OCR) & QR

Came by a text that won’t select? Press a hotkey and select an area — Shottr will parse the text and copy it to the clipboard. OCR feature also reads QR codes.

Lightweight and Fast

Proven performance

Shottr is a tiny (1.6mb dmg, 3.6mb unpacked) native app optimized for M1. It takes only 17ms to grab a screenshot, and ~165ms to show it to you. 

Screen color picker

Color picker

Take a screenshot, zoom in, move your mouse over the pixel and press the TABkey to copy color under the cursor.