Upterm: sharing terminal sessions instantly over the public internet

Upterm is an open-source solution for sharing terminal sessions instantly over the public internet via secure tunnels. Upterm is good for

  • Remote pair programming
  • Access remote computers behind NATs and firewalls
  • Remote debugging


The host starts a terminal session:

upterm host -- bash

The host displays the ssh connection string:

upterm session current
Command:                bash
Force Command:          n/a
Host:                   ssh://uptermd.upterm.dev:22
SSH Session:            ssh IqKsfoiclsNnxqztDKoj:MTAuMC40OS4xNjY6MjI=@uptermd.upterm.dev

The client opens a terminal and connects to the host’s session:

ssh IqKsfoiclsNnxqztDKoj:MTAuMC40OS4xNjY6MjI=@uptermd.upterm.dev


brew install jingweno/upterm/upterm

Upterm is designed from the group up not to be a fork of anything. It builds around the concept of linking the input & output of any shell command between a host and its clients. As you see above, you can share any command besides tmux. This opens up a door for securely sharing a terminal session using containers.


Upterm is an alternative to Tmate.

Upterm is written in Go. It is more friendly hackable than Tmate that is written in C because Tmux is C. The Upterm CLI and server (uptermd) are compiled into a single binary. You can quickly spawn up your pairing server in any cloud environment with zero dependencies.