1678 Vim tips

VimTip1 Searching
VimTip2 Easy edit of files in the same directory
VimTip3 Compile Java with Jikes
VimTip4 Any word completion
VimTip6 Moving to matching braces
VimTip7 Jumping to the start and end of a code block
VimTip8 Jumping to the declaration of a local/global variable
VimTip9 Displaying a variable/macro definition
VimTip10 Jumping to previously visited locations
VimTip11 Any word completion
VimTip12 Converting tabs to spaces
VimTip14 Highlight all search pattern matches
VimTip15 Displaying status line always
VimTip16 Avoiding the „Hit ENTER to continue“ prompts
VimTip17 Erasing previously entered characters in insert mode
VimTip18 Cleanup your HTML
VimTip19 Display line numbers
VimTip20 Remove swap and backup files from your working directory
VimTip21 Easy pasting to Windows applications
VimTip22 Handle common command typos
VimTip23 Vim xterm title
VimTip24 Changing the default syntax highlighting
VimTip25 Color highlighting on telnet
VimTip26 File format
VimTip27 Convert between hex and decimal
VimTip28 Insert line numbers
VimTip29 Reverse order of lines
VimTip30 Increasing or decreasing numbers

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