VimWiki: A Personal Wiki For Vim

VimWiki is a personal wiki for Vim — a number of linked text files that have their own syntax highlighting.

With VimWiki you can:

  • Organize notes and ideas
  • Manage to-do lists
  • Write documentation
  • Maintain a diary
  • Export everything to HTML



git clone ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/vimwiki

Plug manager in vim

Plug 'vimwiki/vimwiki'

" the type

Key bindings

Normal mode:

  • <Leader>ww — Open default wiki index file.
  • <Leader>wt — Open default wiki index file in a new tab.
  • <Leader>ws — Select and open wiki index file.
  • <Leader>wd — Delete wiki file you are in.
  • <Leader>wr — Rename wiki file you are in.
  • <Enter> — Follow/Create wiki link
  • <Shift-Enter> — Split and follow/create wiki link
  • <Ctrl-Enter> — Vertical split and follow/create wiki link
  • <Backspace> — Go back to parent(previous) wiki link
  • <Tab> — Find next wiki link
  • <Shift-Tab> — Find previous wiki link

For more keys, see :h vimwiki-mappings


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