Gonum Numerical Packages

Gonum is a set of packages designed to make writing numerical and scientific algorithms productive, performant, and scalable.

Gonum contains libraries for matrices and linear algebrastatisticsprobability distributions, and sampling; tools for function differentiationintegration, and optimizationnetwork creation and analysis; and more.

We encourage you to get started with Go and Gonum if

  • You are tired of sluggish performance, and fighting C and vectorization.
  • You are struggling with managing programs as they grow larger.
  • You struggle to re-use – even the code you tried to make reusable.
  • You would like easy access to parallel computing.
  • You want code to be fully transparent, and want the ability to read the source code you use.
  • You’d like a compiler to catch mistakes early, but hate fighting linker and unintelligible compile errors.
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