giu: Cross platform rapid GUI framework for golang based on Dear ImGui


Cross platform rapid GUI framework for golang based on Dear ImGui and the great golang binding imgui-go.

Supported Platforms

The supported platforms depends on GLFW v3.3, so idealy giu could support all platforms that GLFW v3.3 supports.

  • Windows (only tested on Windows 10 x64)
  • MacOS (only tested on MacOS v10.15)
  • Linux (not tested, many thanks if anyone could help to test…)
  • Raspberry pi 3b (thanks sndvaps to test it)


Compare to other Dear ImGui golang bindings, giu has following features:

  • Live-update during the resizing of OS window (implemented on GLFW 3.3 and OpenGL 3.2).
  • Redraw only when user event occurred. Costs only 0.5% CPU usage with 60FPS.
  • Declarative UI (see examples for more detail).
  • Drop in usage, no need to implement render and platform.
  • Freetype font rendering support.
  • OS clipboard support.

Hello world

package main

import (

    g ""

func onClickMe() {
    fmt.Println("Hello world!")

func onImSoCute() {
    fmt.Println("Im sooooooo cute!!")

func loop() {
    g.SingleWindow("hello world", g.Layout{
        g.Label("Hello world from giu"),
            g.Button("Click Me", onClickMe),
            g.Button("I'm so cute", onImSoCute)),

func main() {
    wnd := g.NewMasterWindow("Hello world", 400, 200, false, nil)
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