Okteto: A Tool for Cloud Native Developers

Kubernetes has made it very easy to deploy applications to the cloud at a higher scale than ever, but the development practices have not evolved at the same speed as application deployment patterns.

Today, most developers try to either run parts of the infrastructure locally, or just test these integrations directly in the cluster via CI jobs or the „docker build, docker push, kubectl apply“ cycle. It works, but this workflow is painful and incredibly slow.

Okteto makes this cycle a lot faster by launching your development environment directly in your Kubernetes cluster.

Development environments on demand

Your development environment is defined in a simple yaml manifest.

  • Run okteto init to inspect your project and generate your own config file.
  • Run okteto up to launch your development environment in seconds.

Add okteto.yml to your repo and make collaboration easier than ever. Clone the repository and simply run okteto upto launch a fully configured development environment.