fswatch: a file change monitor

fswatch is a file change monitor that receives notifications when the contents of the specified files or directories are modified.

A cross-platform file change monitor with multiple backends: Apple OS X File System Events, *BSD kqueue, Solaris/Illumos File Events Notification, Linux inotify, Microsoft Windows and a stat()-based backend.

fswatch implements several monitors:

  • A monitor based on the File System Events API of Apple OS X.
  • A monitor based on kqueue, a notification interface introduced in FreeBSD 4.1 (and supported on most *BSD systems, including OS X).
  • A monitor based on the File Events Notification API of the Solaris kernel and its derivatives.
  • A monitor based on inotify, a Linux kernel subsystem that reports file system changes to applications.
  • A monitor based on ReadDirectoryChangesW, a Microsoft Windows API that reports changes to a directory.
  • A monitor which periodically stats the file system, saves file modification times in memory, and manually calculates file system changes (which works anywhere stat (2) can be used).


brew install fswatch


fswatch 1.14.0

fswatch [OPTION] ... path ...

 -0, --print0          Use the ASCII NUL character (0) as line separator.
 -1, --one-event       Exit fswatch after the first set of events is received.
     --allow-overflow  Allow a monitor to overflow and report it as a change event.
     --batch-marker    Print a marker at the end of every batch.
 -a, --access          Watch file accesses.
 -d, --directories     Watch directories only.
 -e, --exclude=REGEX   Exclude paths matching REGEX.
 -E, --extended        Use extended regular expressions.
                       Load filters from file.
     --format=FORMAT   Use the specified record format.
 -f, --format-time     Print the event time using the specified format.
     --fire-idle-event Fire idle events.
 -h, --help            Show this message.
 -i, --include=REGEX   Include paths matching REGEX.
 -I, --insensitive     Use case insensitive regular expressions.
 -l, --latency=DOUBLE  Set the latency.
 -L, --follow-links    Follow symbolic links.
 -M, --list-monitors   List the available monitors.
 -m, --monitor=NAME    Use the specified monitor.
     --monitor-property name=value
                       Define the specified property.
 -n, --numeric         Print a numeric event mask.
 -o, --one-per-batch   Print a single message with the number of change events.
 -r, --recursive       Recurse subdirectories.
 -t, --timestamp       Print the event timestamp.
 -u, --utc-time        Print the event time as UTC time.
 -x, --event-flags     Print the event flags.
     --event=TYPE      Filter the event by the specified type.
                       Print event flags using the specified separator.
 -v, --verbose         Print verbose output.
     --version         Print the version of fswatch and exit.

Available monitors in this platform:


See the man page for more information.

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