vmd: Markdown file preview

Preview markdown files in a separate window. Markdown is formatted exactly the same as on GitHub.


  • GitHub style: The markdown content is rendered as close to the way it’s rendered on GitHub as possible.
  • File watching: Local files opened in vmd are watched for changes and the viewer will automatically update when a file has been changed. This makes it ideal for writing documents in your favorite text editor and get a live preview.
  • Standard input: View any markdown text from other programs by piping another program’s output in to vmd. Check out the examples for cool use cases.
  • Drag & Drop: Drag files from your file browser or desktop on to a vmd window and render it. Hold the Shift key while dropping to open the file in a new window.
  • Navigation: Navigate within linked sections in a document, open relative links to other documents in the same window or in a new one (shift-click), and always be able to go back in the history. And open links to directories in your file manager and external links in your default browser.
  • Clipboard: Copy links and local file paths to the clipboard, and even copy images in binary format to paste them in to your image editing software.
  • Emoji:  Displays emoji, such as :sweat_drops:. Take a look at the Emoji Cheat Sheet for a list of available emoji.
  • Checklists: Renders GitHub-style checklists.

Source code of MD file

build image:

docker build -t pepa/math-service .
docker images

run image

docker run -p 8080:8080 -d pepa/math-service
docker ps
curl http://localhost/health


{ "status": true, "appName": "math-service" }

Preview of file


npm install -g vmd