eksctl – The official CLI for Amazon EKS

eksctl is a simple CLI tool for creating clusters on EKS – Amazon’s new managed Kubernetes service for EC2. It is written in Go, uses CloudFormation, was created by Weaveworks and it welcomes contributions from the community.

eksctl create cluster

A cluster will be created with default parameters

  • ∙ exciting auto-generated name, e.g. “fabulous-mushroom-1527688624”
  • ∙ 2x m5.large nodes (this instance type suits most common use-cases, and is good value for money)
  • ∙ use official AWS EKS AMI
  • ∙ us-west-2 region
  • ∙ dedicated VPC (check your quotas)
  • ∙ using static AMI resolver

Customize your cluster by using a config file. Just run:

eksctl create cluster -f cluster.yaml

to apply a cluster.yaml file:

apiVersion: eksctl.io/v1alpha5
kind: ClusterConfig

  name: basic-cluster
  region: eu-north-1

  - name: ng-1
    instanceType: m5.large
    desiredCapacity: 10
  - name: ng-2
    instanceType: m5.xlarge
    desiredCapacity: 2