xnotify: vočíhni si, co se ti hejbe na dysku

xnotify: Cross platform file notification with built-in task execution and a client/server feature to overcome virtual folders without relying on polling.


  • Works on virtual folders/shared folders like those in VirtualBox, VMWare and Docker.
  • Works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS without polling.
  • Single binary, no dependency.
  • Advanced task running feature to run build commands.
  • HTTP client/server can be integrated into other apps/libraries.

Basic Use

Disable recursive file matching. Only watch everything under current directory only.

./xnotify --shallow -i *

Advanced file matching using external program.

find *.ts | ./xnotify | xargs -L 1 tsc


Watch all files in the current directory on the host machine and send events to port 8090:

./xnotify --client ":8090" -i .